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The Canadian Cat Association - Canada's Registry of pedigreed cats. This site includes breeder listings, upcoming CCA shows as well as items of interest to the cat enthusiast.



Hamilton Cat Fanciers - A CCA Cat Club located in Hamilton, Ontario. This Site contains information on the club and on its upcoming shows.
Next shows will be March 18 & 19, 2017.



PAWSitive PAWS Cat Club - A CCA Club located in London, Ontario. The site contains information on club activities as well as information on its upcoming shows.  Next shows will be held, October 15, 2017




Cornell Feline Health Center - A site dedicated to Cat care and health concerns

United Burmese Cat Fanciers (UBCF) One of the world's longest established club dedicated to the Burmese breed.



Vetinfo - Veterinary information for Cat Owners

Cornell Poisonous Plants Web Page - Information of interest to all pet owners on plants that can be dangerous


A Pet Owners Guide to Common Small Animal Poison - AVMA list of toxic plants, drugs, and household products

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